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Hollow Block Walls (a.k.a Cinder Block)

BC Hollow Block Walls Low maintenance hollow concrete or cement blocks are used in the building industry in place of solid form bricks and generally speaking, are a cheaper alternative.

Concrete hollow blocks can be laid faster, cover more area per block than standard bricks and create a building product that meets high standards and last a lifetime. Hollow blocks are used mainly in the building of industrial units and commercial buildings. These hollow blocks are put together with mortar.

In some cases these hollow blocks, either standard or reinforced, are not as good as standard bricks when it comes to heat retention and general insulation. In order to meet this concern, which tends to occur with the small sized hollow blocks, a new type of compound hollow block was developed in 2004. As shown in tests and calculations, the new compound blocks not only significantly increased the thermal insulation, heat preservation qualities and the impermeability of the walls, but also promised better decorative effects.

Split face hollow blocks are hollow blocks which, immediately after the curing process, will be subjected to a machine that splits them lengthwise and creates a decorative effect. This decorative effect achieves a rough quarry stone appearance. These surfaces are irregular and sharp with exposed aggregate breaking through in places. A variety of colors can be achieved by varying pigments, cements, aggregates and unit sizes.

The most popular hollow block size is 8" x 8" x 16" but there are half length sizes, returns and multiples of 4" available.

Split solid concrete units usually serve as veneers, and ribbed hollow concrete units can be split with dramatic effect. Disadvantages of split face hollow blocks are the same as for ordinary hollow blocks - mortar susceptibility to long term water penetration, high thermal transmission, low tolerance to freeze / thaw cycles and they collect dust when used as an interior finish. Also the installation cost is increased for the split face block.

Hollow blocks are made with a mix of cement, water, aggregates (such as sand or gravel or ash) and admixtures and then molded, compressed into shape and cured. The split face type of hollow block is machined after the curing process.

Hollow blocks are generally used for commercial buildings, residential decorative privacy fencing, and industrial warehouse buildings.

A few samples of our Hollow Block Wall Work

Block Wall Privacy Fence

Block Wall Privacy Fence

Block Wall Privacy Fence

Warehouse Block Walls

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